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Windows Yesterday, Microsoft finally unveiled all the details regarding its Windows Store, which will be the default way to distribute Metro applications on Windows 8. Most of the details are all pretty standard and mirror those of other stores, but there's one interesting twist that is sure to make a lot of you happy: Microsoft has made special exceptions for open source software.
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App store model is troubling
by curio on Thu 8th Dec 2011 03:27 UTC
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Though I use Windows because those I support use Windows, I've always (since 200 or so) hated Microsoft as a company. It was nice to only have to deal with Microsoft for their core OS and that all further software programs could be sourced outside of their direct control.
Like Apple, we should never be comfortable having to buy or get our third party software through their monopoly app stores. As Tom has eluded to, there is still the question of whether Windows 8's normal end users will be able to easily side-load apps, or if Microsoft is going to follow Apple's lead and lock everything down to being under their strict controls.
Even with Android, if you visit the app's developer's website, they send you to the Android market to download their apps instead of just letting you download the app from them. You pretty much have to get all legitimate apps through the Android market. And, no, apps store will not allow downloading even free apps without an easily(tracked) user account. Amazon's app store even requires a credit card (a fake one works though)in order to download free apps, or anything else.
This one stop app store model is troubling because the totality of what you do, or what apps you use with your smartphone or tablet are easily tracked by these commercial entities. Not good from a freedom and privacy prospective. CarrierIQ might be the extreme but normal use of an Apple product or Android devices are pretty intrusive too.

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