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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Cheap Android tablets are all over the place, and generally not any good. They often have resistive touch screens instead of capacitive ones, are slow, or have no access to the Android Market. For Ice Cream Sandwich, MIPS Technologies is trotting out its existing Honeycomb tablet - which, you guessed it, uses a MIPS processor - licensed to Ainovo. For some reason, that makes this $99 tablet with capacitive screen kind of interesting.
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Get out of the basement and open your eyes.

One of Australia's major department store chains sells 8GB iPod touch style MP3 players for $59 and 7" touchscreen media players (stripped down tablets) for $79.

Unlocked Apple phones and tablets are already being sold at 10-15% discounts in Australia department stores.

Harvey Norman, until recently the biggest Apple reseller in Australia, doesn't have single Apple product in their latest catalogue. They have plenty of Android products though.

Telstra, Australia's largest phone company has just opened an Android only store in Melbourne.

Australia is one of Apples strongest markets. If sales are going badly here for Apple they must be a disaster elsewhere.

Back in the 90s we were constantly told that Apple products were unique, special and highly profitable as marketshare dropped to 5%.

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