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Windows Yesterday, Microsoft finally unveiled all the details regarding its Windows Store, which will be the default way to distribute Metro applications on Windows 8. Most of the details are all pretty standard and mirror those of other stores, but there's one interesting twist that is sure to make a lot of you happy: Microsoft has made special exceptions for open source software.
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RE: Awful
by WereCatf on Thu 8th Dec 2011 06:21 UTC in reply to "Awful"
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for doing nothing but hosting a monopoly.

Uh. They are providing a single framework under which developers can easily share their applications, thereby furthering their chances of being noticed. You know, for many a small developer the primary issues are 1) To even be noticed by people and 2) Competing for time against similar applications/games. Also, for small developers even the savings in server bandwidth may be enough to justify using an app store because, well, bandwidth obviously isn't free and maintenance of server hardware costs time and money.

It's easy for you to complain when you're just a user, but start developing something and get your app or game to the market and you'll rather quickly realize the benefits of these things. Not to even mention the benefits of these kinds of things for the non-technically-inclined users who don't where to look for things when they need them or where it's safe to download from. Broaden your perspective.

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