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Windows Yesterday, Microsoft finally unveiled all the details regarding its Windows Store, which will be the default way to distribute Metro applications on Windows 8. Most of the details are all pretty standard and mirror those of other stores, but there's one interesting twist that is sure to make a lot of you happy: Microsoft has made special exceptions for open source software.
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RE[2]: Awful
by curio on Thu 8th Dec 2011 07:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Awful"
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Oh, so we're just the users? No, you're just a developer, and we're the users who are your potential income! You want users to give up their freedoms and privacy so you can have a convenient method of selling your wares? True, a single app store model makes your job easy. But, to do that you feel that end users should give up their privacy and autonomy so you won't have to work to make available your products as every other normal product has to to market their wares.
By your logic bubble gum brands should only be sold at one retailer (Walmart), and also only be made available, too, through credit card purchases and only with special (Walmart (tracked) candy, user accounts. That's total BS, and well you know it!
You have to consider how your distribution model affects your clients, long term.
Listing your wares through major geeks, Softpedia, etc, isn't that difficult and it's still very effective. But, in doing so you preserve the open market and it gives the end user some level of privacy, anatomy and it fosters competition. Paypal type services are your friends.
Download dot com is just an aberration in the general open competition model. It's nothing when compared to the monopoly cell providers foisting their hidden spyware on each and every user of their totally owned (effectively) and controlled cellphones. Or Microsoft and Apple forcing all apps to be bought through their fascist walled-gardens. Get your head out of your self serving hinder parts and start considering the socio-political ramifications of the infrastructure you're espousing.
Single-source ANYTHING (in a so-called democratic capitalist economy) eventually devolves into corporate Fascism.
Like we're not far enough along into that system now, even without your self serving one-stop shopping convenience stance. Your marketing convenience doesn't need to further add to our impending Jack-booted misery. My God, how self interest clouds people's judgment. Wake up!

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