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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y So, Marco Arment, John Gruber, and MG Siegler (has anyone ever seen them in the same room?) all jumped on a quote from Eric Schmidt which was supposedly very arrogant and proves Schmidt knows no developer likes Android. The joke's on them, though, since none of them actually bothered to watch the source video to verify Schmidt was quoted properly. As it turns out, he was not, as Julian Yap notes. Update: Arment, Siegler, and Gruber have posted updates.
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RE: Clever Google
by andydread on Thu 8th Dec 2011 15:42 UTC in reply to "Clever Google"
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I really admire Google's manipulation of people and very subtile advertising. The marketing people at Google are very good and thought hard to come up with this simple sentence:

"Google is your friend"

Simply genius. Many people write it, and say it everyday without knowing that Google is doing. Google has been working hard to spread that sentence among common people. And people dont know they are spreading and instilling what Google want us to think of Google. Never mind all the espionage Google and Facebook does on us. Everybody should chant "Google is nice", "Google is your friend", "Google is not evil". etc

Why is google my friend? What friend? How is Google nice? Is Facebook also my friend? Should I give Facebook and Google access to all my personal data?

The only difference is that with Microsoft and Apple you PAY real money for the privilege of having you data shared with advertisers. Thanks but not thanks. Either way I'll go the free route.

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