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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Cheap Android tablets are all over the place, and generally not any good. They often have resistive touch screens instead of capacitive ones, are slow, or have no access to the Android Market. For Ice Cream Sandwich, MIPS Technologies is trotting out its existing Honeycomb tablet - which, you guessed it, uses a MIPS processor - licensed to Ainovo. For some reason, that makes this $99 tablet with capacitive screen kind of interesting.
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Why Not Go Novo 7 Advanced?
by bornagainenguin on Thu 8th Dec 2011 18:12 UTC
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I understand the geek love for the MIPS version of the Novo 7, but why does the article completely neglect the earlier ARM version of the tablet? Sure the Novo7 Basic comes with Icecream Sandwich, which is definitely a selling point in its favor, but the price of that updated OS is compatibility, which along with the well known issues of possibly needing to find MIPS complied applications makes me really hesitant about its longevity in the market. Much better to get an ARM processor tablet, which if some of the posts online are to be believed actually gets double the battery life of this MIPS tablet.

Plus, while this MIPS tablet seems sold out at their Paypal link (LOL this is totally legit guise...) you can still find the Novo 7 advance at various retailers. It may not come with Icecream Sandwich yet, but there seems far more likelihood of updates to it, if for no other reason than the ease of porting within the same processor groups.


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