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BeOS & Derivatives "So... I have finally gotten around to finishing the Haiku tutorial I set out to complete over a year ago. I was hoping to have it done sooner, but I decided to then prolong graduation for another year. However, my thesis project has been a rocking success, and you can finally see the fruits of my labors. This production should be incorporated into the project as official tutorial material." Okay so yeah it's a tad bit cheesy, but heck, it's BeOS, so shut up.
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RE[2]: Not impressed
by avgalen on Fri 9th Dec 2011 13:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Not impressed"
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I get the idea about lots of unsupported hardware from news items on OS News where it is mentioned that "Haiku now supports USB", "Haiku now supports Wifi (unsecured only", "Haiku now supports WPA2", "Haiku now supports printing". I also base it on all those demo's in virtuals, even in this video. And I base it on the extremely limited list of compatible hardware on a couple of the searches that I did: and And OF COURSE there will be a lot of people that are actually coming to Haiku meetings that are running on real hardware.

And I asked "Who would actually benefit from this OS even if it was done today?"

Your answer basically says "it is good enough for some already, it will probably get better and it is a great achievement". That doesn't answer my question "who would benefit?"

(and I personally wouldn't call an OS without multi-user and security "usable")

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