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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Heck yes. This is one fine way to toast the weekend, ain't it? HP has just announced it's going to release webOS under an open source license. While the company will cease making hardware for the platform for now, it will continue development on it together with the open source community. Hey Access, you listening? Update: More good news: HP's CEO just told The Verge that HP will be putting webOS on hardware after all - tablets!
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Thank god
by Fusion on Fri 9th Dec 2011 19:54 UTC
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All I can say is... it's about friggin' time!!! The homebrew community around WebOS has been phenomenal, and unleashing an open source model around the WebOS platform will likely result in some great advances and needed modernization.

WebOS is one mobile OS that needs to be preserved. I'm still clutching onto my original Palm Pre despite the lack of updates and a keyboard failure (using a virtual keyboard thanks to the homebrew's a pain, but has gotten me through the past month). WebOS 1.x series STILL trumps just about every other CURRENT mobile OS out there in terms of usability and design. The aging software stack (youtube/webkit/map apps, etc.) is the only problem.

All webOS needs is competitive hardware and a few competent mobile industry giants to market them properly. If companies like HTC or Samsung built some hardware offerings around an open-source WebOS, it just might be enough to bring the platform from the bring of extinction. I'll keep hoping but won't hold my breath. =/

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