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BeOS & Derivatives "So... I have finally gotten around to finishing the Haiku tutorial I set out to complete over a year ago. I was hoping to have it done sooner, but I decided to then prolong graduation for another year. However, my thesis project has been a rocking success, and you can finally see the fruits of my labors. This production should be incorporated into the project as official tutorial material." Okay so yeah it's a tad bit cheesy, but heck, it's BeOS, so shut up.
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RE: Not impressed
by pepper on Fri 9th Dec 2011 22:52 UTC in reply to "Not impressed"
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I like the effort that people put into some new ideas, but I also mostly agree with some previous criticism: After this video, Haiku got less interesting, not more.

After all this time, it still seems very basic and not much more usable than BeOS back in the days. Yes, you can play around and send emails, but thats it.

I don't quite get why people insist on building or working on a new OS when the most important feature they consider are scalable icons and tabbed windows. Just take your favorite Linux WM and hack away...people might actually start using your software..

You don't need to run away and build a complete OS with Apps just because you don't like the FHS. The only reason to work on this OS is to increase your knowledge without the pressure of getting criticized on LKML, or to understand parts that are too complicated in practically deployed solutions, or just because you want to build your own OS.

In any case, looking for users to migrate to that systems seems completely misguided. Any mobile phone OS is more capable than Haiku today. Sorry. :-)

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