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Apple Just when I thought the company I once admired greatly couldn't sink any lower. "Over the last two years, Apple has been engaged in vicious legal battles over smartphone patents, many of which are aimed at squelching (or squeezing money out of) manufacturers of devices running Android. And now, for some reason, it has given valuable patents to a patent troll - which is using them to sue many of the top technology companies in the world."
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Re Apple.
It is strange that my MacBook finds 'Windows shares' easier than Windows (All versions).

If you are implying that Apple is easier to use and manage in an enterprise network then a windows box, I'll have to ask you if you are jesting perhaps?

It also works OOTB with more printers than Windows.

It also reads more types of hdd filesystem OOTB than Windows does.

Probably true, but a non issue

They might be the devil incarnate but some of their products are pretty good.
MS was the devil and their (IMHO) products are Devilish and sometimes pretty poor in comparison to Apples.
MS's saving grace is IMHO, Office for Mac. I can use it far more efficiently than Office 2010 for Windows.
However it is probably the devil in sheeps clothing.

MS was the devil until Apple de-throned them by being THE worst and most un=ethical company there is! As for the quality of products, they target different segments. In consumer type products Apple has made some quality products, but they try to control way too much for my liking, where as in the enterprise grade products MS is still waaayy ahead of Apple.

MS used to be No1 in my dislike list but it has been overtaken by Apple with no possibility of catching up

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