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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Heck yes. This is one fine way to toast the weekend, ain't it? HP has just announced it's going to release webOS under an open source license. While the company will cease making hardware for the platform for now, it will continue development on it together with the open source community. Hey Access, you listening? Update: More good news: HP's CEO just told The Verge that HP will be putting webOS on hardware after all - tablets!
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I've had a Pre, Pixi, Pre2 and Pre3 over the years in the hope that with each new version of webOS Palm/HP would fix the WPA2 Enterprise wifi bug but they never did. Hopefully OS developers will be able to. In a nutshell the phone continues to use the cellular modem instead of wifi when connected to a Cisco 802.1X network (like in the hospital I work in which gets no cellular signal as it is essentially a big Faraday cage). Turning off cellular data in the dialler app forces the phone to use the wifi but it is a big PITA to remember to turn it on and off manually.

I'd also like to see a generic VoIP/SIP plugin architecture instead of the current hardwired Skype (which doesn't work very well either).

Other than these issues which have been the real showstoppers for me using a Pre at work I have always loved webOS and am really glad to see it having a future.

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