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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The CrunchPad (and its eventual consumer incarnation the JooJoo) is often presented as proof of obviousness in the iPad's design. For the first time, we have an interesting insider view on this matter - Nik Cubrilovic was involved with Micheal Arrington's CrunchPad project from the very beginning, and has written a lengthy blog post about how the CrunchPad really is proof the iPad's design was obvious.
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The point is not that Samsung created a tablet because of Crunchpad, but instead that the design of a tablet is not unique to Apple, and would be obvious to anyone making them during that time period.

It would be much like Ford suing others for making 4 wheeled cars because the Model T Ford made them popular, even though Mercedes and others made them before Ford. 4 wheels is obvious. Look at the Reliant Robin if you have any questions, they fall over pretty easily on 3 wheels.

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