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Carol Pinchefsky contemplates commercial skipping DVRs, and other tales of really good technology that vanished, in 7 Awesome Bits of Tech That Just Freakin' Disappeared. As Pinchefsky writes: "...It got me thinking about awesome technology that we somehow ditched. The airship? Awesome. Slide rules? Awesome awesome. Mir Space Station? Boss-level awesome. And now just thinking about wristwatches with calculators makes me suffer a sense of short-term nostalgia (as in Douglas Coupland's Generation X). Here are some of the coolest features and products that we’ve lost along the way to 2012.

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2 that I miss
by Kivada on Tue 13th Dec 2011 08:34 UTC
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are Laptops with a trackball like my ancient Powerbook 180c. I found it far more comfortable then I do a touchpad.

Another is AMD's canned XGP external mobile GPU. It allowed you to supplement the onboard GPU when powering an external screen or much more interesting, allowed you to drive the laptop's screen off the XGP GPU with a top end mobile GPU, the only version released was the HD3870m but they also demoed an updated version based around the HD5970m. Only 2 laptops I know of ever had this the Toshiba Amilo SA3650 and later the Acer Ferrari One 200.

There are several youtube videos of the XGP though:

Sucks cause I could go for a nice 15" based around the A8 series APU with the option of having an HD6990m AMD's fastest single chip mobile GPU Yes, I too hate that mobile naming convention makes absolutely no sense... But it'd be great to just have it attached to the TV, just plug in the laptop and grab the wireless kb and mouse.

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