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Carol Pinchefsky contemplates commercial skipping DVRs, and other tales of really good technology that vanished, in 7 Awesome Bits of Tech That Just Freakin' Disappeared. As Pinchefsky writes: "...It got me thinking about awesome technology that we somehow ditched. The airship? Awesome. Slide rules? Awesome awesome. Mir Space Station? Boss-level awesome. And now just thinking about wristwatches with calculators makes me suffer a sense of short-term nostalgia (as in Douglas Coupland's Generation X). Here are some of the coolest features and products that we’ve lost along the way to 2012.

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by IndigoJo on Tue 13th Dec 2011 09:51 UTC
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I was on Usenet in the mid-1990s and spam was a huge problem - a lot of groups had no legitimate content, only spam, and those that didn't were flooded with it anyway, particularly if they weren't moderated. You had to use your real email address, which made it a magenet for junk email (some added "remove-this" tags, but some account providers did not allow this).

Finally, the biggest problem of all was that only one forum was meant to exist for each topic, so there was one forum (or at most two or three, one in the "alt" hierarchy and another in "soc" or "rec" and perhaps another in a national hierarchy) for, say, a whole religion which could easily lead to fights. It was old technology which suited an Internet that wasn't a mass medium. Web forums, and web-enhanced email groups such as Yahoo groups (originally eGroups), just offered more flexibility.

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