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Carol Pinchefsky contemplates commercial skipping DVRs, and other tales of really good technology that vanished, in 7 Awesome Bits of Tech That Just Freakin' Disappeared. As Pinchefsky writes: "...It got me thinking about awesome technology that we somehow ditched. The airship? Awesome. Slide rules? Awesome awesome. Mir Space Station? Boss-level awesome. And now just thinking about wristwatches with calculators makes me suffer a sense of short-term nostalgia (as in Douglas Coupland's Generation X). Here are some of the coolest features and products that we’ve lost along the way to 2012.

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RE: Ah Replay
by ricegf on Tue 13th Dec 2011 13:01 UTC in reply to "Ah Replay"
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We had one as well, but that wasn't the coolest feature to me.

The coolest feature *by far* is that the DVR acted exactly like any other computer on the network, and shared the TV recordings as (I believe) unencrypted mp4 recordings!

So I could trivially connect to the ReplayTV over the LAN and download the latest Columbo, then watch it in a window on my Linux computer while I worked (I think I was using Mandrake back then :-D ) or drop it on my laptop's disk to watch on my next flight.

The true potential of technology, unencumbered by DRM and the walled gardens of today. *sigh*

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