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Editorial I was reading today about how Linux Mint developers altered the Banshee music player source code to redirect affiliate revenue from Amazon music orders to them instead of Banshee. They've reportedly made less than $4, which has caused a kerfluffle among those paying attention to that corner of the world. But it raises a larger point that has been swirling around for a couple of decades: an OS vendor has a lot of power to influence, and even monetize their user base. Where should they draw the line?
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RE: Drawing the line
by reez on Tue 13th Dec 2011 18:22 UTC in reply to "Drawing the line"
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For example, we may say that censorship is a bad thing, but we really don't want people uploading child porn and such, so obviously some amount of censorship is in order. Question is, where do you draw the line?

I disagree. Actually I don't give a f--k[1], but about some sick guy watching child porn as long as he leaves alone any kids. Data does not hurt children, rapists do.

I am always worried about people saying they want to censor the internet to protect kids instead of taking measure that prevent people in various from being alone with kids. That would prevent child pornography in first place and you don't have to censor material that doesn't exist.

Instead what I see is less money in educational institutions, less money for police, no psychological institutions to probably heal pedophiles (or people with psychological problems/trauma that are likely to become pedophile), etc. Child abuse should not happen and not just become invisible.

One doesn't undo things by hiding them. It doesn't work with pedophiles or any other kind of abuse, racism, terrorism or anything else. Bring stuff to the surface and solve them!

Maybe it's similar with the topic. As long as the Mint people don't hide these changes and everything happens transparently everyone can decide on his own whether he is fine with it.

I am a bit skeptical about integrating these things in first place. On the other hand everyone needs some money to live. I am just not sure how a bigger project shares it. There can be a lot of ways to contribute and another question is whether money is a good motivator in first place.

[1] Well, maybe that's not completely true. I think it would feel better if this wouldn't happen, but I explain that anyway.

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