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Internet Explorer As it turns out, Google's idea of silently and automatically updating web browsers for security's sake is actually a pretty darn good idea - Chrome is pretty much always up-to-date. Microsoft agrees with this, and has announced it's going to automatically update Internet Explorer on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
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RE: Not too excited by these news
by lemur2 on Thu 15th Dec 2011 23:17 UTC in reply to "Not too excited by these news"
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The reason I do not use Chrome is that its EULA requires that you use only the latest version. It will download and install new version whenever it wants and you can do nothing about it (except say goodbye to Chrome).

Firefox is testing my patience with a new (n+1).0 version every month, that breaks all the Add-ons (and Add-ons was one of the reasons for using Firefox).

I want the freedom to decide if and when I will upgrade. I also expect good backwards compatibility and a sensible version numbering scheme.

Firefox doesn't break add-ons ... although some addons (hosted external to do break themselves.

By this I mean that addons themselves check the browser version that they are running under. If the browser versions says it is higher than expected by the addon, the addon simply declares ITSELF incompatible, whether it actually is, or not.

In truth, well over 99% of addons will still work fine under a new version number, even if the addons themselves think they won't. You can download a tool from the site, called the Addon compatibility Reporter, that will force a recalcitrant addon to run even if the addon has declared itself incompatible. This tool will let you re-instate the majority of addons that have refused to run under a new browser version.

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