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Internet Explorer As it turns out, Google's idea of silently and automatically updating web browsers for security's sake is actually a pretty darn good idea - Chrome is pretty much always up-to-date. Microsoft agrees with this, and has announced it's going to automatically update Internet Explorer on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
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It's the web developer's fault that IE6/7 can't render standards compliant HTML that renders properly in every other browser? Wow.. just... wow.

They can render standard compliant markup absolutely fine in the vast majority of cases. Yes you need a valid DOCTYPE declaration ...

A lot of times, complaints are made by web developers that would know a inline element from a block element.

IE (including 8) is stricter than other browsers, most web browsers let you get away with all sorts of things that are wrong.

But it doesn't seems to matter what someone says ... people have been told to believe "IE does everything wrong, and Firefox does it right".

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