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Apple Apple makes the best consumer laptops. For me, there's absolutely no denying that this is the case. Apple has had this lead over the competition since the iBook G3 Dual USB 12.1" and 14", and has never lost it. Right now, the rumour mill is abuzz about Apple supposedly prepping to launch a MacBook Pro with a retina display - 2880x1800.
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RE[2]: Let's hope so
by lindkvis on Sat 17th Dec 2011 18:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Let's hope so"
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Why? I am all for better technology, but I have a 17" MBP. 1080P is ok on it, but anything finer than that wouldn't be easily readable. What's the point of the higher res if you just have to increase font size to be able to see what your doing? Would it be just a good to have a function on your system where you can zoom out to a larger desktop and then zoom in to the app you want to work in?

You're getting this all wrong. All that is required is to set the DPI settings in the OS right, so that a 12pt font is the correct size. 12pt is meant to be a physical size to match paper fonts.

But it is funny you mention fonts, because such a high resolution display would be awesome for them. If you can't see the pixels, you don't need anti-aliasing, and you get perfectly smooth fonts with no fuzziness to them.

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