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Internet & Networking It was fun while it lasted. This internet thing became too powerful, and shifted the balance of power too much to the people. Politicians found a partner in the content industry, and here we have it. After a mysterious unexplained 180 by a Dutch political party, ACTA has been signed by all 27 members of the EU. In the meantime, it's looking like SOPA, despite delays, is going to make it through, despite fierce opposition from the technology industry (except Apple and Microsoft, who don't care about a free and open web) and the very architects of the internet. To top it all off, UMG apparently has complete control over YouTube's content, allowing them to remove any video they don't like without even having to invoke the DMCA.
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by hackus on Sun 18th Dec 2011 00:12 UTC
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You are kidding right?

I know a lot of you who read in the press about some of the things politicians do that are seemingly stupid, I can assure you are not stupid at all.

These people know _exactly_ what they are doing. However, they live by an entirely different set of laws.

Those laws, are for them, not for us. So when you hear of corruption, etc....thats the people's way of looking at things.

These leaders in the EU and the USA enact laws for themselves and their friends, so that what is illegal for us, is not illegal for them.

Before the internet however, it took a lot of work to see these other sets of laws these politicians lived by and very few people were informed.

That has changed with the internet, and these politicians in the EU and USA do _not_ like it.

We got FEMA camps being activated over here in the USA right now, and just as a coincidence, now any American is legally a terrorist and can be arrested, tortured and executed without due process.

Do you think all of the Senators in our Senate in the USA are clueless that signed the American Detention Act?

Not at all, they _KNOW_ what is coming. Civil War.

Which, will probably happen after the banks collapse.

Every banker is going to get his frickin head chopped off, along with the senators and Reps. that where on his/her dole.

Chop chop chop.


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