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KDE "Mobile devices that adapt to who you are, reflecting what you are doing when you are doing it. This concept is at the heart of the Plasma Active user experience. Plasma Active One was released in October 2011, providing early adopters the first opportunity to experience Activities on a tablet. Since then, the design and development team behind this open source touch interface has been hard at work on an update. The fruits of their labor were released today, December 14, 2011 as Plasma Active Two."
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RE[5]: GUI Design
by lemur2 on Sun 18th Dec 2011 01:09 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: GUI Design"
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switching between activities is a pain in the ass, there used to be a alt+tab kindoff shortcut, but I can't find it anymore, and clicking every time on an icon to have a slow plasma (4-core system with 6gig of ram...) panel show up to click on a new icon just to switch to a different activity?

Checkout System Settings => Shortcuts and gestures => Global keyboard shortcuts. For the pull-down box labelled KDE component, select Plasma Desktop Shell component.

You will see therein:

Meta+tab => next activity
Meta+shift+tab => previous activity

Even on my very humble systems, Plasma is not slow. Not at all. If it is slow on your system, then this must be due to some part of your system that is different to mine. If we are running the same KDE and Plasma desktop shell, then the slow part of your system that is not slow on any of my very mundane systems must be something that is not part of KDE.

My mundane systems include two Intel Atom netbooks (1G RAM only), and Acer Aspire One 522 netbook (2G RAM), and an Athlon 64x2 2Ghz system (3G RAM). They all have very modest GPUs.

If your capable system is slow running Plasma compared to my very modest systems, then your underlying system is broken, not KDE itself.

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