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Apple Apple makes the best consumer laptops. For me, there's absolutely no denying that this is the case. Apple has had this lead over the competition since the iBook G3 Dual USB 12.1" and 14", and has never lost it. Right now, the rumour mill is abuzz about Apple supposedly prepping to launch a MacBook Pro with a retina display - 2880x1800.
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by B. Janssen on Sun 18th Dec 2011 16:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Err"
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Strange.... Acer is the first to market with the ultrabook form factor so how can the Viao be better than the MBA?

Umh, because the Sony Vaio Z-series (that's what the OP is talking about) is not an ultrabook? Ultrabooks are consumer products.

The Vaio Z is an UMPC/UMW (ultra-mobile PC/workstation), a form factor that's around a lot longer than the ultrabook, quite a lot more expensive than a Macbook Air or Pro and targeted at a very small niché of professionals.

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