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Bugs & Viruses AT&T has told the U.S. Congress that its customers agreed to host Carrier IQ tracking software on their cellphones in their contracts. You might recall that, after the scandal over warrentless surveillance broke in 2006, AT&T quietly changed their contract for internet service to say that it -- not its customers -- owns all the customers' internet records. Those concerned about privacy might consider whether AT&T merits their trust.
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Welcome to capitalism, folks, where your privacy and security is as disposable as the junk you're paying top dollar for because clever marketing ads have convinced you that you "need" these goods in your lives.

In this age of Affluenza, no one has a right to complain. Just sign the papers, use your cheap asian made crap, and go on with your lives. You are not an individual, you are a statistic and a demographic, to be analyzed and studied by the rest of the bean counting, data miners of the Fortune 500 corporate elite.

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