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Apple Apple makes the best consumer laptops. For me, there's absolutely no denying that this is the case. Apple has had this lead over the competition since the iBook G3 Dual USB 12.1" and 14", and has never lost it. Right now, the rumour mill is abuzz about Apple supposedly prepping to launch a MacBook Pro with a retina display - 2880x1800.
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RE: Comment by shmerl
by alcibiades on Tue 20th Dec 2011 07:59 UTC in reply to "Comment by shmerl"
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Why would people who buy Apple products complain about Apple's indecent and non ethical behavior? My take on it - either don't support, or don't complain.

This is a truly brilliant insight. No-one who uses a company's products should be allowed to complain about their business practices. Actually, it applies to more than companies.

Why should people who carry on living in countries be allowed to complain about them? They should not. Its wrong. All you North Koreans and Chinese dissedents? You're still living there, so shut up. All you former Soviet refuseniks?

The same applies to religions. You carry on going to church, don't complain about the child abuse cases. Of course, if you leave, its none of your business anyway, what's the matter with you, trying to tell other people what to do.

So folks, if you use Apple, everything it does is above reproach. But if you don't use Apple, why are you going on and on about a company whose products you don't use? What is it to you.

Either way, just stop criticizing Apple, will you? I don't like it.

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