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Linux Without corporate backing or advertising, Puppy Linux has become one of the world's ten most popular Linux distributions. In the past few months Puppy has whelped a litter of like systems, each with its own unique DNA. This article summarizes Puppy and then describes the new brood.
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I tried Puppy, but it was not good.
by axilmar on Tue 20th Dec 2011 13:31 UTC
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After reading the article, I tried it on Virtual Box.

The UI seems at least 15 years behind from an aesthetic point of view.

It did not support resolutions greater than 800x600, and so many windows were not fully visible. I had to press enter blindly in order to continue the installation. Other Linux distributions running under VBox don't have a problem with higher resolutions.

The installation GUI was horrible. There were little buttons/icons everywhere that have extremely non-descriptive pictures on them. I just tried them all to see what they do.

The installation forced me to partition the hard disk manually. It did not make any suggestions on possible partitions, like other distros.

After playing with it for a while, I erased it and installed Kubuntu, which is light years ahead of Puppy, in almost every domain. In fact, Kubuntu 11.10 is so polished, it can be easily compared to Windows 7, and perhaps be found better than Windows 7.

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