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Legal I'm guessing Apple is getting desperate, since its software patent lawsuits aren't doing particularly well. Moving on from software and design patents, the company is now suing Samsung over... Patents for mobile phone and tablet cases (more at The Verge). I think Apple has more offensive lawsuits than products now, so technically, "patent maker" is more accurate than "gadget maker" or "device maker". Fun times.
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Tony Swash
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"The question I am interested is if anyone really thinks Samsung did not copy Apple?

Apparently the way Apple shapes its products, designs its icons & GUI, puts in boxes, advertises them and makes accessories for them has become the only logical, practical and even only way to do it. Therefor nobody did copy Apple, but it's the only possible way to do it.

Besides tablet computers colored black and shaped rectangular have been around for a very long time as people have come up with examples like a children's slate, an embedded monitor in a table in 2001 A Space Odyssey and a piece of wood in Star Trek.

So I infer that you are saying yes you think Samsung copied Apple - correct?

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