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Legal I'm guessing Apple is getting desperate, since its software patent lawsuits aren't doing particularly well. Moving on from software and design patents, the company is now suing Samsung over... Patents for mobile phone and tablet cases (more at The Verge). I think Apple has more offensive lawsuits than products now, so technically, "patent maker" is more accurate than "gadget maker" or "device maker". Fun times.
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You just proved my point. None of these were new. None of these were invented by Apple (some were even bought, like multitouch). App Store? Nothing new, something like that already existed for mobile Java applications or the Sidekick. Apple didn't invent the capacitive touch screen. It was created in the academic world, built by LG. In fact, LG was the first to ship a phone with a capacitive touch screen (the Prada, I have one).

See my point? Apple doesn't invent. Apple takes other people's ideas, and makes them better. That's a great skill, and they're definitely market leader there in mobile. However, that's not inventing.

Oh come on Thom, Apple don't need to invent every component - they invented the usage and implementation. You are proving my point nicely - nobody else had effectively used ANY of these inventions until Apple came along despite their obvious availability. Apple then licenced or bought the technology, implemented a device, PATENTED their ideas to protect their investment, then made those devices some of the most successful the world has seen. Ford didn't invent the wheel but they still made quite a lot of money from motorcars which used it to good effect.
The problem is, Samsung copied the idea, the implementation and even the design (tell me you didn't double take the first time you saw the Samsung phone). This is where patents come in, to force a court to decide if Samsung came up with those things or just blatantly ripped them off.

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