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Legal I'm guessing Apple is getting desperate, since its software patent lawsuits aren't doing particularly well. Moving on from software and design patents, the company is now suing Samsung over... Patents for mobile phone and tablet cases (more at The Verge). I think Apple has more offensive lawsuits than products now, so technically, "patent maker" is more accurate than "gadget maker" or "device maker". Fun times.
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"Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell (let's just leave the disputed history of the telehpone for what it is), or the guy who came up with the buttoned telephone?

So the only invention is that of the broad category? Of course not. Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell. Who invented the buttoned telephone? Mr Buttonous Maximus. Who invented the cordless phone? Mr Dontliketo Triponcables.

Understand? All of those things are inventions. If you stick to really broad categories, you miss 99% of inventions. Who invented the automobile? Most people would say Karl Benz. That was certainly significant, but even he was building on the designs of others. And would it be fair to give him the credit for the automobile and every other development since then is just simple improvement?

Very well said. The difference is that mr Benz made a quite different machine than the previous car. If BMW released a car identical to a Mercedes apart from the wing mirrors and steering wheel then they would be accused of copying just as Samsung have been with their device where they made an iPhone with a square button!

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