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Legal I'm guessing Apple is getting desperate, since its software patent lawsuits aren't doing particularly well. Moving on from software and design patents, the company is now suing Samsung over... Patents for mobile phone and tablet cases (more at The Verge). I think Apple has more offensive lawsuits than products now, so technically, "patent maker" is more accurate than "gadget maker" or "device maker". Fun times.
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LOL! Google fanboys!

Of course. Tons of people have an irrational hatred of all things Apple and think Android is the be all end-all of operating systems.

You think there are no Android/Google fanboys? Just look at some comments here or Android news sites. Just a couple articles ago I said something about how the unique strengths of Android appeal to some people, and the unique strengths of iOS appeal to others. Some guy said that doesn't make sense, because iOS has no unique strengths.
That's the kind of irrational argument you get from fanboys. Not an objective assessment of facts, but simplistic black and white reasoning. Just like Thom and his "Apple has never invented anything" blather.

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