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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless 2011 will go down in the history books as a great year for tablets mostly for Apple's iPad however, not all tablet vendors fared as well as Apple. It's not for lack of products that prevented Android tablets from taking any market share away from Apple this year. By our calculation, over 100 tablets were introduced since the iPad however, we defy even the most tech-savvy of you to name more than a few of them. What was so wrong with the competition that it failed to make any inroads in the tablet market, at least until the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook came along?
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No that falls into the easily customizable, which is a totally different category than serviceablility. I appreciate that they overlap, but they aren't the same thing.

Well, I agree that "serviceability" is not the proper word, but I am not sure that "customizability" is, either. A Samsung sales rep would tell you that a fully-locked Android is easily customizable because you can, without much hassle, install a wide range of new software and put widgets on your desktop.

Is there a short expression in English to describe the concept of being able to do the same things as the OEM with your computer ?

Tablets are a product that happens to be a computer. I am sure there are niche suppliers (much like my odd bicycle parts) for it ... but you will have to pay a higher price.

Well, there are ARM development platforms, if you are ready to spend the price of a finished tablet for a bare-bones circuit board with a touchscreen attached to it that doesn't boot unless you install an OS yourself first, and that only features incomplete technical hardware documentation ;)

It's just a far cry from current desktops and laptops where you can just press Esc during boot in order to boot another OS, and where every software available on the internet may be installed without a huge hassle. Though Secure Boot may change that for OSs...

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