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Windows Windows 8 will be one of the most significant releases for Microsoft ever, since it pretty much rethinks the entire graphical user interface. One of the problems I personally see with Metro is that it doesn't appear to be particularly conducive to getting actual work done. In an interview with The Verge, Microsoft design director Steve Kaneko confirmed that it's hard to adapt applications like Office to use Metro.
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RE[3]: Take the hint, Microsoft!
by dragossh on Thu 22nd Dec 2011 18:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Take the hint, Microsoft!"
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But here's the thing: GUIs are a natural evolution from the command line. Instead of remembering options and commands, you would have them laid out on screen for you. There were really no limits on how much "chrome" you could have in your application. With Metro, all that is gone and now you have to be creative and find a way to create a Metro UI for your app because Microsoft thinks Metro Touch is teh future.

I would have preferred a Metro-style windowed UI over this vomit of smartphone UI that Microsoft gave us.

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