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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I doubt Research In Motion really knew what hit them back when the iPhone launched. I doubt they really knew what hit them when Android steamrolled the smartphone market. And, today, I still doubt they really know what the heck they are supposed to do to turn their sinking ship around. Update: RIM contacted us with a statement on the matter - they state everything in the BGR article is wrong. Read on for the full statement.
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Blackberry email, I don't get it
by MacMan on Thu 22nd Dec 2011 20:00 UTC
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OK, so I get that before around 2005 or so, it was hard to get IP on a mobile device, hence the need for Blackberry's proprietary messaging network. Its kind of like CompuServe or AOL before the advent of the internet.

But today, I really can't think of a single 'smart phone', or any other mobile device that does not have internet access, so could someone explain what's the point of Blackberry's proprietary messaging network on an internet enabled device? Does it save save enough bandwidth enough to allow for a reduced data plan?

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