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Internet Explorer As it turns out, Google's idea of silently and automatically updating web browsers for security's sake is actually a pretty darn good idea - Chrome is pretty much always up-to-date. Microsoft agrees with this, and has announced it's going to automatically update Internet Explorer on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
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Well MS essentially encouraged such practices... when some open format* looms, that's what MS discourages (already forgot the circus around OpenDocument & Office "Open" XML?) / they were the ones who insisted on doing things their own way back then, in the times of IE6.

* the place of MRI data is in an open format, able to be reliably read by virtually anything
(anyway, I doubt the situation in question was really that much of a problem, there aren't that many MRI vendors, but there are many tools - also conversion tools - and often free ones, for example
...with some quite ~standard formats (say, Analyze))

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