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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I doubt Research In Motion really knew what hit them back when the iPhone launched. I doubt they really knew what hit them when Android steamrolled the smartphone market. And, today, I still doubt they really know what the heck they are supposed to do to turn their sinking ship around. Update: RIM contacted us with a statement on the matter - they state everything in the BGR article is wrong. Read on for the full statement.
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No specifics makes it a Apple fanboy post
by Codester on Fri 23rd Dec 2011 03:12 UTC
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"The source further added that RIM is betting the company on a platform that won't even be as good as iOS 1.0"

What exactly does the platform lack that prevent it from being as good as iOS 1.0? It can't be Blackberry Messenger, because iOS 1.0 didn't have that. So is the that the lack of an email app (which apparently the author believes will never be written) is what makes iOS 1.0 superior to QNX on a BlackBerry?

No wonder Apple gets to charge a premium on all their products with articles like this floating around.

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