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Internet & Networking Yesterday, it was revealed GoDaddy actively supported SOPA - to the point of arrogance and dedain towards those opposing the US censorship law. As a result, a boycott was instated on reddit, which was picked up all over the web. Today, the company rescinded its support for SOPA - but for some high-profile clients, it's too late. Behold, the power of the internet.
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RE: 'Getting it right'
by panzi on Sat 24th Dec 2011 03:44 UTC in reply to "'Getting it right'"
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... how are you going to get people to pay for your content if they can get it for free? ...

E.g. the german podcaster Tim Pritlove gives away all of his podcasts for free and can actually make a living just from flattr donations. So this argument is invalid.

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