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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Earlier today, Samsung revealed that it won't update the Galaxy S, its most successful smartphone to date, to the latest version of Android. You might shrug and dismiss that as just more evidence of Android's inherent fragmentation or the need for buyers to beware, but I take grave issue with it. This is a decision based not on technical constraints, as Samsung would have you believe, but on hubris." This. A gazillion million thousand times this. Also: "It's simple: make a large high-end device, a smaller value device, and a QWERTY device. Maybe one or two other specialty form factors, tops. That's it. Update them once a year, and keep the names the same." It would make updating a hell of a lot easier. We don't need the Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch Sensation.
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Regulate carrier behavior
by saso on Sat 24th Dec 2011 14:32 UTC
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The real culprit here is, me thinks, the carriers - they artificially position themselves as the primary channel by which customers get a handset. They do so by way of subsidies, so the customer has little incentive to get an open phone (e.g. Nexus) versus a carrier-branded subsidized version of the same thing + the crapware on it. In my country, sure you can buy a phone over the counter, but the carrier won't give you any discount on the contract if you choose to get a phone somewhere else - you still pay, pretty much, the same. The only difference is that perhaps the minimum contract term will be shortened (e.g. min. 2 months, vs. 24 months) - not much of an advantage, considering that switching carriers is painful, even with number portability.

We need a market regulation body to step in here and either:
a) forbid phone subsidies, or
b) mandate that carriers must clearly declare the cost of the phone in the contract as a separate item and allow for consumers to demand removal of that fee, should they obtain a phone somewhere else.

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