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Mozilla & Gecko clones After much speculation over whether Mozilla, the non-profit foundation, and Google, the search and advertising company, would renew their default search provision deal, Mozilla has announced that a new multi-year deal has been made. The deal will see Google continue to be the default search provider in the Firefox browser for "at least three additional years".
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how are they spending the money?
by mtzmtulivu on Sat 24th Dec 2011 23:56 UTC
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Everybody talks about how much money mozilla gets but nobody seem to want to talk about how they are spending it.

Mozilla is a non profit organization and this means all the money they get get used somehow and none of it goes out to anybody as dividends.

How are they going to spend all that money?

How many paid developers does firefox have?, how much are they getting paid on average?

How much does firefox pay to host its infrastructure? Firefox infrastructure is made up of what exactly and why do they cost as much as they do?

What other projects does mozilla manage?, which ones costs most and which ones cost least? why?

There are a lot of questions to be asked, lots of answers to be given but nobody online seem to be curious about this.

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