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Linux "Android drivers are returning to the Linux kernel. Kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman has retrieved the Android drivers removed from the staging area of Linux 2.6.33 in the spring of 2010 andput them back into his development branch for version 3.3 of the Linux kernel. [...] The plan is for a Linux 3.3 kernel to be able to boot on an Android device without further patches."
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That is the exact experience I had with the Samsung Captivate. For the first few months after its release, there were only methods to root the phone and a few Eclair builds, which all generally worked well, but were all based from a few leaked Samsung builds. The first Froyo build was also a leaked Samsung build (which supposedly was released in Canada), and all of the proceeding builds were also of good quality. When 2.3 was released, there was a period of pseudo-Gingerbread builds (Froyo core with Gingerbread applications and themes) followed by a sole Gingerbread port from the Nexus S. There was a Cyanogenmod 6 experimental build released around this time, and the Captivate gained official Cyanogenmod status with version seven. I must say that this rom was impeccable by the stable release, and it has had comparison in neither features nor customization. I am currently testing an Ice Cream Sandwhich beta, which is somewhat slower than previous roms, whether it be the system itself or the quality of the rom, but it is still excellent for everyday use. It would not surprise me if this phone is completely up-to-date after two years.

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