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Windows "The new Windows PowerShell is coming. Actually, Microsoft has just launched a Community Technology Preview of Windows PowerShell version 3, although the final version 3 probably won’t ship until it comes out with Windows 8. It also will be available for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. The CTP will install on those OSes."
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RE[3]: Window shell width
by Yoko_T on Sun 25th Dec 2011 19:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Window shell width"
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"e.g. I use bash terminal as my only file-manager.. I fire up thunar on some rare occasions where thumbnails are needed, but have found that bash is almost always faster and more effective than GUI, if one know how to use it.

That's because you guys have shitty file managers on *nix, and I wouldn't use them either. But if you ever spent any serious time with Directory Opus on Windows, you'd never make this claim:

Of course, if you wouldn't pay for a quality text editor, you'd never pay for a quality file manager either, especially not for what they're charging for it. Note: I don't want to get into a CLI vs GUI pissing contest here, as I use both; I just find it humorous when somebody on a platform full of bad file managers talks about how much file managers suck.

Never used Midnite Commander have you? Blows the crap out of any Windows file manager and it's intergrated text editor makes most windows txt editors cry too.

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