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Windows Fascinating, this. As a Windows Phone 7 user, I can attest that it is every bit as good as iOS and Android - heck, in my experience, it is more polished, more consistent, smoother, and faster than either of those two. Yet, despite raving reviews and glowing user comments all over the web, Windows Phone 7 simply isn't selling. Former Windows Phone 7 general manager Charlie Kindel believes it's because neither carriers nor device makers like the control Microsoft exerts over the platform.
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MS Racket maybe?
by lidstah on Tue 27th Dec 2011 22:36 UTC
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Well, I bet some people here won't like what I'll say.
But if I was a phone maker, already paying Microsoft a fee for some bullshit patents, I won't, for sure, use their own phone operating system solution: I already give em' *enough* money for each Android phone I make and sell. And those are selling like hot cakes.

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