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Windows Fascinating, this. As a Windows Phone 7 user, I can attest that it is every bit as good as iOS and Android - heck, in my experience, it is more polished, more consistent, smoother, and faster than either of those two. Yet, despite raving reviews and glowing user comments all over the web, Windows Phone 7 simply isn't selling. Former Windows Phone 7 general manager Charlie Kindel believes it's because neither carriers nor device makers like the control Microsoft exerts over the platform.
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RE[2]: I hate Metro.
by vtolkov on Wed 28th Dec 2011 22:37 UTC in reply to "RE: I hate Metro."
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I'm curious: What is your mobile platform of choice?

I would prefer iOs, but I use Android, just because of the cheep plan from Virgin Mobile. Android is somehow Ok, it has hotspot support, so I can use it for my notebook. It has also Google services, which is nice, and SD card support, so I keep a subversion repository on it. No much love though, I miss visual polishing of my iPad's interface. I do not like iPhone hardware much, because of its heavy glass design.

With WP7, I think, they combined negative sides of iOs and Android. It is closed like iOS, so no hotspot or native development. It has a heavy runtime, so low battery life and long app start. It has a strange UI, going against people expectations, no hints, no zones, no backgrounds, just strangely sized fonts. I do not understand people who designed the UI. I'm clearly from another planet.

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