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Windows Fascinating, this. As a Windows Phone 7 user, I can attest that it is every bit as good as iOS and Android - heck, in my experience, it is more polished, more consistent, smoother, and faster than either of those two. Yet, despite raving reviews and glowing user comments all over the web, Windows Phone 7 simply isn't selling. Former Windows Phone 7 general manager Charlie Kindel believes it's because neither carriers nor device makers like the control Microsoft exerts over the platform.
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RE[4]: I hate Metro.
by vtolkov on Thu 29th Dec 2011 01:22 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I hate Metro."
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Okay, so most of the negative points you mentioned could be considered personal preference.

Probably it is. But many people share it. I prefer houses with rooms and rooms with cozy furniture and soft light. And I prefer walls painted with light pattern and my chair and a bookshelf. But Metro is cold. It gives me no walls, no living zones, but some black space with transparent floor parts moving in unknown directions, and huge writings readable only from space are flying above. And sharp rectangles. I feel cold and uncomfortable.

But two things you critiqued tell me quite clearly you either have no clue what you're talking about, or you are intentionally being misleading.

Wel, maybe it was improved in Mango. And, right, as a developer, I have some prejudice about thick frameworks like Silverlight or Java. They waste too much cycles, they can't work other way.

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