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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It all started with Apple/TechCrunch blogger M.G. Siegler making a huge fuss over something he didn't understand, and while that in and of itself isn't particularly interesting, one of the outcomes of this little internet drama is a comment on Google+ (the tenth one) that so perfectly encapsulates just how important Android is for the world that I felt the need to share it with you. It's the holiday season after all.
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RE[2]: Revolutionary?
by bonchbonch on Thu 29th Dec 2011 18:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Revolutionary?"
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Gotta love it when techies miss the main point.

Note that you didn't actually refute any arguments or even explain what the main point is supposed to be.

This article comes off like a cheerleading essay for Linux-loving techies on OSNews. That's obvious the moment it tries to dismiss the massive sea change of the iPhone, which practically kicked off the current smartphone industry and set the paradigm that Android has followed ever since. Thom Holwerda has something of a reputation for these kinds of crowd-pleasing posts.

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