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GNU, GPL, Open Source Late last year, president Obama signed a law that makes it possible to indefinitely detain terrorist suspects without any form of trial or due process. Peaceful protesters in Occupy movements all over the world have been labelled as terrorists by the authorities. Initiatives like SOPA promote diligent monitoring of communication channels. Thirty years ago, when Richard Stallman launched the GNU project, and during the three decades that followed, his sometimes extreme views and peculiar antics were ridiculed and disregarded as paranoia - but here we are, 2012, and his once paranoid what-ifs have become reality.
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After 4 years of pressure from me, my wife still owns an iphone. She complains about it all the time and comes across the most ridiculous bugs. Yesterday her facebook app was upside down and her text messages disappeared every time she sent one and returned when she received a text back.

So your wife bought the original iPhone, running an OS two major versions out of date, and apparently she still likes it better than a current phone? Ok.... And your evidence of it's lack of quality is a bug in a third party application that Apple has nothing to do with? Wow, the fandroid hate is strong in you.

She can't file a bug or change the software on her phone unless mandated on high from a corporation. Where as Cyanogenmod for example will fix bugs constantly and i don't have to wait for new releases, I can download nighty's each day or when I see the bug is fixed in the changelog. But she just doesn't care and I know that the majority of people don't either.

So on both platforms you have bugs, but on one you get to spend hours trying different nightlies on the off-chance the bug might be fixed. I remember that from my Linux days. Sometimes it was fixed, sometimes it wasn't, and almost always something else broke. Irregardless of the result, it took a lot of time that I no longer want to spend. My phone is a productivity tool. When it takes more work to maintain than it saves me, I might as well throw it away.

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