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OSNews, Generic OSes We're looking at two alternative operating systems hitting updates. MenuetOS, the operating system written entirely in assembly, hit version 0.98.27. Meanwhile, FreeDOS 1.1 has hit final.
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R.I.P. Pat Villani (DOS-C kernel author)
by Rugxulo on Tue 3rd Jan 2012 22:03 UTC
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P.S. Since OS News (and others) never mentioned it, I guess now would be a good time to publicly mourn the passing of Pat Villani, the original author of the DOS-C kernel used by FreeDOS. He was head of the project, even recently, from 2009-11 until he got sick and never recovered. :-( Without his hard work, there literally would be no FreeDOS kernel (also used by DOSEMU). I know he's no Steve Jobs or Dennis Ritchie, but he still impacted a lot of us in a good way. The FreeDOS 1.1 release is dedicated to him.
(thanks to Matthias Paul for defending and expanding that article)

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