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General Development InfoWorld's Neil McAllister takes a look at 10 cutting-edge programming languages, "each of which approaches the art of software development from a fresh perspective, tackling a specific problem or a unique shortcoming of today's more popular languages. Some are mature projects, while others are in the early stages of development. Some are likely to remain obscure, but any one of them could become the breakthrough tool that changes programming for years to come - at least, until the next batch of new languages arrives."
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by Zifre on Wed 4th Jan 2012 00:27 UTC
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I can't believe they didn't include Mozilla's Rust! Although it's not yet finished or usable for most projects, the design is far more well thought out than most other languages it competes with (Go, Zimbu, etc.).

I wish Google would drop Go (a well intentioned but stupid language) and just help Mozilla with Rust, but unfortunately that is unlikely to happen. ;)

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