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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Hold on to your panties, because this should come as a surprise: I'm actually agreeing that Samsung is copying Apple. The Korean company just released a new entry-level Android smartphone, and it's called the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. While Apple's previous complaints regarding Samsung's supposed copying were obviously nonsense, this Galaxy Ace Plus, on the other hand... It's almost as if Samsung is giving Apple the finger by copying the iPhone 3G(S) almost verbatim.
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I miss the "good" old days
by brewmastre on Wed 4th Jan 2012 19:16 UTC
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You know, I think we should just go back to everyone in the world being stuck with the same black Western Electric Model 500. Well, all have the same reception and call quality and will be restricted to having only the phone "app"...Seriously, have we become this fucking petty?! We have dozens of amazing options available now, hundreds of thousands of apps, multiple phone companies to choose from, all of the things we never had 20 years ago and we have to start bitching that "your phone looks too much like my phone!". Options are good. Competition is good. We're all going to make our choices based on whatever opinions, preferences, and prejudices we have no matter what. So to everyone (and Apple): find something that's actually important to fight for, like overpopulation, disease prevention, or education.

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