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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Hold on to your panties, because this should come as a surprise: I'm actually agreeing that Samsung is copying Apple. The Korean company just released a new entry-level Android smartphone, and it's called the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. While Apple's previous complaints regarding Samsung's supposed copying were obviously nonsense, this Galaxy Ace Plus, on the other hand... It's almost as if Samsung is giving Apple the finger by copying the iPhone 3G(S) almost verbatim.
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by leos on Wed 4th Jan 2012 23:12 UTC
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Is it a 1:1 copy? Of course not. When that happens it's called counterfeiting, not trademark infringement.

Are they close enough that they could be mistaken for each other at first glance? Perhaps. Although I think the fact that it says Samsung on the front makes it a bit less egregious.

Obviously this design is a bit too "inspired" by Apple, but I think it's about as valid as an infringement as anything else they've been sued about: not very.

As long as they don't market in a way that makes it confusing, I think it should be fair game.

You want infringement? This is it:

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