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PC-BSD "PC-BSD 0.8.3 was released today. This version offers some new visuals, new languages, as well as important bugfixes with systems that have had trouble booting after the install. The complete changelog is available here. Users running 0.8.2 may update to this version using the Online Update utility within the PC-BSD Config menu." Download here, release notes here.
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PBI IS the Key
by Anonymous on Sun 23rd Oct 2005 16:09 UTC
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The coolest thing about this project is the installer system. As good as most linux distros may be (and they indeed are), installing apps is just not right. To non computer enthusiasts, the windows, PC-BSD or OSX way to install will always be better no matter what more experienced open source OS users may say.

Linux on the desktop will begin when someone clones the pbi (PC-BSD Installer) concept. In fact, as Linux has far better support for desktop usage at this time, it had much greater chances of sucess than this project but as most linux "desktop" distro devs are so stubborn... (I know it's their right, their job)

Have you guys tried to install things in PC-BSD? Hell, it's easier than in windows ;) .

Free OS's will always have the problem of lack of hardware makers support though... No stability, no good for commercial apps. ;)

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