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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Hold on to your panties, because this should come as a surprise: I'm actually agreeing that Samsung is copying Apple. The Korean company just released a new entry-level Android smartphone, and it's called the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. While Apple's previous complaints regarding Samsung's supposed copying were obviously nonsense, this Galaxy Ace Plus, on the other hand... It's almost as if Samsung is giving Apple the finger by copying the iPhone 3G(S) almost verbatim.
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by Laurence on Thu 5th Jan 2012 08:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by MOS6510"
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In the case of Samsung - when you abandon your customers as with the case of refusing to provide a ICS update for Galaxy S owners

Except they might be now because of the backlash when the original story broke.

then what is left to restore your name other than to copy your closest competitor that has a high retention and repeat purchase rate.

What you've done is raise two completely unrelated point and try to correlate them.

Samsung won't have done this because of any lost reputation due to the GalaxyS-gate of 2011. More likely they've done this because Apple have been behaving like school bullies trying to pinch lunch money. However I still think this is a stupid move by Samsung - whatever their motives - as it totally undermines their arguments that they're not out to copy Apple but in fact their products are a natural design.

Around 1-2 years ago I was pretty neutral on Samsung to the point of indifference but the decisions they've made over the last several years has pretty much convinced me to avoid their company like the plague - they've well and truly shown that their douchbag ways that beat the douchbaggy of Apple, Microsoft and Oracle combined in some cases, especially when it comes to backing their own products for the long term via software and firmware updates/upgrades.

I think you're being a bit melodramatic there. Samsung are no worse than most handset manufacturers for post sale support. While I'm not saying that's "right", it's certainly a bit righteous to single them out specifically.

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